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Survivorship starts at diagnosis and includes living with, through and beyond cancer.

LADDER is an online Kentucky-based research study about the influence that cancer and cancer treatments have on the lives, experiences, and wellbeing of those diagnosed with cancer. We ask questions about your health, cancer experience and any emotional, mental, physical, and social issues that may affect you from the time of diagnosis. This study is open to adults over the age of 18 years, living in Kentucky, and newly diagnosed with cancer within the past 12 months. Compensation is available for participants completing the study.

enrollment is an easy
two-step process


Answer eligibility questions

We ask five basic questions to determine whether you’re eligible to participate in the LADDER study.


read the informed consent

The informed consent document will explain the research method, procedures, and other research-related information and then ask you to select ‘Yes’, should you choose to participate. This study is voluntary, meaning you do not have to answer all of the questions to take part in the LADDER study.

How you will be helping

Results from combined responses from all participants will help guide strategies and interventions for promoting healthy routines, enhancing the wellbeing and improving experiences among people diagnosed with cancer.

Information from this study has the potential to build on advocacy efforts for Kentucky-based policies or programs influencing cancer patients’ quality of life and survival.

LADDER Participation Rates

This map features where those who have completed the online Kentucky Cancer Survivorship LADDER study live in Kentucky.

Kentucky regions map



North Central


South Central